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CRI supplies products to New York state nurseries, garden centers, and landscapers as well as commercial property developers, municipalities and schools.


Please call for bulk and wholesale pricing.

Downloads available: 

Public Scales

Public Scales


CRI Syracuse has a certified public truck scale. The scale is open to the public for both private and commercial vehicles. Certified scale tickets are available. A weigh master can help you with your gross vehicle weight, split load weight, DMV weight, or military move.
Size of scale: 60 feet x 9 ft, above ground, Weight limit 125,000 lb.

Military weights are done for free as a courtesy



Clifton Recycling has been involved in organic wood grinding since 1997. We have gone from a little 300 horse power tub grinder to a massive 1,200 horse power grinder we use now. We service all local areas around Central New York, grinding for towns, cities, county, state, and private customers. We have the ability to grind any of your wood recycling needs. CRI has been involved in many FEMA storm jobs. Our grinding crews have worked in CNY to Texas. (Labor Day storm, Buffalo ice storm, Rita, Wilma, Katrina, Isabel) Our grinder and operators can work with your equipment on a project or we can provide the necessary ground support to complete any scope size of a job. Even the hauling away of the wood grindings to complete the job.

Our knowledgeable drivers are courteous and safe with many years of local and long distance trucking experience. CRI has a variety of trucks and trailers ranging from dump trucks, dump trailers, walking floors, low boy, and roll off.

Walking floor: our largest trailer can hold up to 120 cubic yards of wood products.

Dump trailer: tri axle aluminum, framed, 60 cubic yard capable carrying soil, compost, mulch, stone and salt.

Low boy: 28 ft x 8.6ft, capable of any small to large load up to 50 tons.

Roll off: Has the ability of delivering a 30+ cubic yard box for your waste needs. CRI can place, pick up, and dump containers for wood, concrete, dirt and debris.

Dump trucks: local deliveries from home owners to large companies.



Wood Dumping

Wood Dumping

Clean wood waste can be dumped at the CRI Syracuse facility for a fee. 

Tree limbs, grass, leaves, and stumps can be dumped at the CRI facility for a small fee. These are used for compost.

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